I am a diligent and focused Bachelor of Fine Arts who has spent several years in the field of concert production.
I am attentive and have enough experience to get around unexpected road blocks and new situations.
I have worked with numerous artists in different fields and have dealt with the requirements and politics necessary to present the clients art to the audience.
I am adaptable and can function productively both independently and managing teams.


Freelancing and on Call Work - 2/2007- Present
Composer, Musician, Audio, Lights, Engineering, Sound reinforcement, Live Recording, Stage Management, General show production, video editing, web design, photoshop retouching, Studio Production, Interactive Art, Multimedia Programming, Singer/Songwriter

Alex Theater - 2/2007-12/07
(passed 500 hours in 8/2007) Stage and Front of House Audio, Electrician , Stagehand, Lift operation, Loading Rail, Building Sets, theater maintenance, following strict safety guidelines.

Tv Tray Studios - Recording and Mix Engineer, Front of House Audio

Nelson Sound - Delivering equipment to site via Truck , Load In/ Load Out, Speaker Rigging, Audio Engineer.

Ross Farms - 9/2006 - 11/2006
Plainview, Texas Cotton Harvest - Machinery Operation, Long hours of Physical Labor, management and maintenance, welding, power tools

Grand Performances - 5/2006 - 8/2006
Playing Many necessary roles in a team environment to secure successful large scale out door shows. Tasks include (but are not limited to) Setting up front of house and Stage sound system, Stage Audio, Stagehand, Climbing, Rigging , Wading in water with a Source Four, Building stages in odd places, controlling waterworks, and being very courteous to the talent.

California Institute Of the Arts - 1/2004 - 5/2006
Lighting T.A. under supervisors Bob Clendenen and John Baffa. Lights Etc. programming, Sound, Front of House Engineering, Sound reinforcement, Live Recording, Stage Management, General show production 4 shows a week.


Graduated from California Institute Of the Arts Valencia, CA - Graduated 5/2006
Bachelors of Fine Art
In the Multifocus Music Technologies Program - specializing in electronics and interactivity- learning Computer programming for sound applications, Sound design, Composition for dance, theater, animation and video. I have also Actively participated in Dance, Video and Theater.

Graduated from South Plains College Levelland, Tx -Graduated 5/2003
Associates degree Applied science
Majored in Sound Technology/ Commercial music, learning business, and primary recording and concert production techniques as well as MIDI Implementation, video and lighting for the performing arts. I was also Performing music, and participating in the theater program on stage and as Tech Crew, Lights and Sound. For the productions Hello Dolly, Lil' Abner, The Christmas Carol, Sideman, and 1776.
Received the award for best production 2002 For my composition "Souls on Parade".

Project Highlights

Film and Video

Pink Spray Paint(2008)
-Carly Veronica White
-Assistant animation

Photos et Musique Interdites sur la Tombe de Jim Morrison(2008)
Carly Veronica White

The Deadline(2007)
-Andres Salaff

Lobster Shmobster(2004),The Bastard(2005), and Story of Chauncey(2006), Fellow Aquarians(2007)
- Dave Quion
- sound track
- voice artist

- Sebastian Brown
- live sound score

A Day in Eden(2003)
- Ankit Love
- camera operator, Soundtrack, and acting


Les toiles d'Araingnee(2007) performed at Center Stage in Santa Barbara
with co-coreographers Andriana Mitchell and Taryn Wayne
- music composition

Die Ewige Wiederkehr(2006) and Memory Mark(2004) - dance peace creating a painting with body movement on canvas
- With choreographer Wen Chu Yang -music composition

There You Are(2006)
with choreographer Andriana Mitchell
- Sound reinforcement, Music composition- and performance, Conception and Dancer

with choreographer Chey Yu
- Tai Chi against Fast moving projection - music composition

So What did you do Last Night?(2005)
Site specific dance school project with choreographer Steven Koplowitz
- music composition overnight


Vinyl White - Richard Stadler
interdiscplinary art event Holodome 2005 with over 60 calarts participants, soundtrack,
sound design, Sound Reinforcement and production.

The Caged Mind - co created with Actress Tabitha Shick - for the Calarts 2004
Vernal Frequinox Sound and Silence Electroacoustic Concert A Quad sound performance utilizing an Interactive plexiglass cage, built out of plexiglass steel and piezo contact microphones running into MAX/MSP.
The actress hit the walls creating abrasive sounds to Parallel a calm outside enviroment which I scored in surround sound with each wall of the cage corresponding to a different speaker.

Apathy on Water - Ankit Love - Theater acted out in and around water - Live music and sound
A Wee Nightmare - Ankit Love - Performance art representing the transition from childhood to adulthood- soundtrack

Musical Groups

Tin Horn Justice - Antony Digennaro, Cory Beers, and Jimmy Barry, Ian Carrol
Arnold Palmer Piano Country Club Trio - Charles Decastro, and Nick Rosen
Tears of The Moose Chaser - Antony Digennaro

Web Design


Programming Languages



Digital Performer
Final Cut Pro
After Effects


Electronics, Robotics, Music, Movies, Reading, Writing, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality, Science, Art, Pen drawing, Photography, Nature, Climbing, Travel


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