To be human, Homosapien, a person,born into this world with two arms, two legs,two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ten fingers,ten toes, two hemispheres of a brain, a heart,two lungs,two kidneys, a respiratory system, a circulatory system, red an
gods little science project gone bad on account of knowledge?
From whence it came? a tree in a garden is as good a reason as any.
None the less we bring this tragedy of hard work and pain upon our selves.
separating ourselves from nature and what life had to offer
what could we get from life
How the need struck like lightning to get up clothe ourselves develop and form religions,
communication, travel, grow, build the villages that grew into empires, start wars to conquer lands.
When the wars ended the conquering victors forcing there laws beliefs and and customs upon the losers.
Its the evolution of mankind in intelligence in our brains in our cultures.
The need to create to try and be the god of all
find something you are interested in
see how your new knowledge of anatomy can help you better understand

i found that i was hungry
necessity- the condition or quality of being necessary
(existential/ indespensable)
begins program : break_feast
the meal begins