hours in imaginary worlds
we built a world out there
behind the garage

a hole under the side walk meticulously wittled out day after day
our dad built us a rope bridge between the two trees just like robin hood,
and a zip line down to the T clothes line
our imaginations occupied us for what at the time seemed like thousands of years
centuries of the past and future
I never wanted to grow up
growing up meant work
i seemed to grow out of the idea of agriculture
it was far to much to work with too little return
I think it is soon to die away replaced by computer technology
i see the world moving in that direction
technology will be how we create how we play god
though i am curious how we intend to feed ourselves
(my brother Chad was my first best friend. we did everything together)
i can chart my youth with brother
i always was mean to him
i remember really hitting him hard
i also remember that i would go to war with anyone else who did
he grew up big and strong
much stronger than me

i was jealous of him
his friends
his grades
able to pick things up so simply
super intelegent
street smart too

when I was young
I used to do magic shows for my family using stuffed animals.
my little brother,
i would make him "magically" disapear at the beginning of the show only to reapear at the end
brothers are great I would tell him the game plan and he would just go with it
I hope I was a good big brother
I laugh about chad hiding under that box
that box that played every role imaginable
it was jurassic park and the gi joe cave and many more things
i smile when I remember it
we fooled no one yet they would never burst our bubble and tell us they were not decieved