home the long trip out to the coast
thinking of lives close to you
family and friends
all those you never got to know

called my father
a farmer
putting seed into the earth
told that old man in the mirror
I hadnŐt slept in two days due to projects

slept packed

my lover
came over
to kiss me goodbye

didnŐt leave leveland until 10:50 or so
got home and started downloading maps and information off the web

went to hastings and the library got the first two Lord of the Rings audio books
waiting on chad to get home

I'm there loading bags into the back of the car
take off dad upset because of my 30 minute delay
couldnŐt find map
went to walmart
went to sonic for burgers
//on the road video footage//
towards amarillo took I forty
stopped at an alberstons along the way got candy and things for the trip
on to alberquerquie stayed at the sheraton
went down stairs to the hotel bar because no one wanted to check out the jazz club with me. Out of habit I started with a long island ice tea followed by a few beers. my eyes wonder the room silently analyzing and judging those occupying my presence at the nearest table was a group there for a horse breeding convention

were loud and humorous to each other though annoying to watch as an out sider
after a couple of beers
dad went up stairs to sleep
chad and I had an interesting conversation while watching basket ball on the bar community tv
we talked about our differences

he tries to please everyone else and I am selfish
went across the street to chevron to get black and milds
sat and smoked and talked

the idea of co writing a book

bringing up soundtrack
i wanted him to read it said he would if i would give him a clean one not one all written on
I had an out flux of Ideas

(i find i often have these and attempt to capture them by writing them all down and keeping them all to my self, if i were to use others as a sounding board then i would probably get to share them like i wanted to do in the first placein place of losing them as the river of thought rushes by faster than my pen will move) went up stairs to go to bed writing on sound track
chad wrote four lines in the margin of my note book containing my primitive draft of what you are reading write now which is some what in a meduim that same draft ++++
picture of the page from that not book here
brushed teeth and slept
woke up early took our showers went down for breakfast only to find there was no no continental breakfast which we were somehow led to believe we should have received. left unhappy because of our not wanting to pay for breakfast at dennyŐs
chad drove a few hours until we stopped for lunch at a taco bell
I stopped at the walmart there beside it to get new earings and different sandals chads addidas sandals were killing my feet be cause they have all the little "massagers" on them i felt like i was subjecting my feet to be that little indian guy laying on a bed of nails
then i drove it was rainning like crazy on the twists and turns of the mountain pass ever greens stretched up above the Tahoe and as the sun disappeared the becam ever more treacherous

dad tried to pass a truck spraying up water reached to tun up wind shield wipers but turnd them down instead the world became blind but we passed through we stayed in An Economy Inn run by indians there were pictures of shiva and bhudda on the counter dad got a discount coupon for the breackfast joint across the street
I liked the palm trees and it was forty nine dollars a night almost a magical sort of hotel a little older and kind of like it belonged in the french quarter of New Orleans. our room was in the corner behind a garden the recent rain made the ground that rich dark brown. and the greens against it would take you into a different place. went out to find a resteruant to eat at went all the way down the end of main street and back to the other end as well. finally dad and chad decided on dennyŐs for a club sandwich it was the first time I realized how dark california resteraunts were. in retrospect that dennys was freakishly dark
went back to the hotel slept got up went to front desk after showering and packing rang bell no answer
rang bell no answer
rang bell ...
waited ...
a girl came in with a nose ring and a big fever blister she rang the bell no answer she waited a moment then through her card down and went to a small refrigerator opened it up, looked inside, got flustered. I said "So thats their Idea of a continental breakfast." She replied Ň Yeah, not fucking there." and walked out the door we crossed the street and ate using our coupon Mindasa Portal =========================================================
STARTED SPENDING EVERY MOMENT POSSIBLE WITH her watching movies the concert she didnŐt go to watching the ring