The Indian family base

When you stay at the ritz expect ritz prices
When you stay for 40 dollars a night well...
  Should I feel sorry? the hotel manager snapped at the owner
I'm inclined to believe this was not rudeness but indifference, a faćade of caring worn to thin, an imitation of interest at the end of its will to fake it any longer and there was some power at play in it as well the manager knew that the owner needed him to manage
don’t be so worried about how I do my job yours is the on that is lacking
Do not misquote yourself to often, people might think you don't know what you are talking about. He said contemptuously
You couldn't grasp the concept of what I am getting at, at what I am doing
Years of feigning niceness had withered his spine away

It seems like everyone everywhere is going through the motions
Why do these tasks take their toll
Why does it become so hard to do the simplest thing
There is no joyin that extra sell not for them
But what of myself can sell
When I give away that which matters most for free
Just to have someone else experience it