the child - becomes the orphan - the boy -
an orphan since 7 bastard child mother died while giving birth grandparents raise him they are travelers take him around the country sitting in the back of an old jeep a cocker spaniel companion
grandparents die in a wreck child is homeless, helpless, scared, hurt, left in a hotel room
such a scared little boy lost and alone
searcing searching so hard to be found in such a dark place
will he ever find what heÕs looki
and he closes his eyes an cries
Mommy Daddy where are you I need you now
He says IÕm so scared in this placeplease help me
and not a word is spoken back
no out stre4ched hand to pick him up
never a smile to brighten his day
just the scared little boy lost and alone

and he grows up knowing no love cause they put him in a home
with all these other scared little boys
and he learns how to fight how to live and he learns that good friends are hard to find
and that theyÕre few and far between

he spends his nights lonly and his days working hard
fighting to be somthing
dying just to fit in
and he knows heÕs not the same
and he doesnÕt look like you
he doesnÕt have your clothes
heÕs not beautiful like you
and you just stand there and stare
you donÕt even know him but you you have the guts to sneer
and you couldnÕt last a day in his shoes