Folk mixed with progressive and avant garde electronic I will be there when the CD dies and gives birth to experience music

A procession of chantors in a dream sequence

The computer is like a servant
Don't push it to hard
Play to its abilities
Or it will be like a struggling waiter at lunch rush
What purpose do you serve?

time lapse photography of the sky in your collage of art
Driving movement = being swallowed by the night

Withdraw and remove the legs from their monument of glory attributed to themselves╩
Your whims cannot reach higher than your actions will take you
the lessons learned today are the ones you will understand tommorrow
run out of the room and you grow
3d grid audience is in the third dimmension distant unimportant to moments we are in they just confuse you look away i have a mission and a purpose a thing to seperate me from the party that has captured the world
follow the goal and break from the party