lightshow Hmmm... that sucks.

Most people don't have the passwords.

Curiously, especially to me, you may be wondering what will this password get me?
Why would you even want a password?

What lies behind this door could be a multitude of things and i prefer to keep that shrouded in mystery for now.

I imagine that since you are looking at this page you are curious as to what lies behind locked doors.
I think it was God who said seek and ye shall find
and in the spirit of such a statement I will grant you a hint.

Passwords are hidden throughout the website.

Unfortunately the passwords only work with a user name, and to acquire a user name requires a leap of faith because I require to know who passes through the threshold I have placed before you.
Not all strangers are welcome here but some may find it quite inviting.

There was another half to the statment above which said "ask and ye shall recieve"
however since my omnipotence and my unconditional love is in question I must shall we say separate the wheat from the chaff.

we may begin here