ocean the second day-Water the sea into an ocean you end up in the world of eternal sunset this is the beach after the sea of sacred stars (sancia estheres) this ist the begining of the adventure ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ mode for this mode for that there are those who explode into your life and you are left feeling the consequences set before the firing squad its a lot of work do you think you can handle it

roads, lightning, clouds creatures

the ocean in me was drowning the one at sea When I looked around the ship, I could tell we had been on the ocean for months. We saw the same things day after day, week after week, month after month. i was given a job swabbing the decks. I look to the left and see the splintery deck faded by the salty air, then the three foot high oak railing. Beyond the railing are miles of the greenish-gray ocean. In the distance dolphins jump from the water somtimes as high as twenty feet into the thick air. At times the ocean seems so thick, as though it could be cut with a ull long mast ropes with a two inch diameter, raising larger sails to harness the power of the morning wind. The two masts look beautiful in the morning fog. The mast closest to me holds three sails and stands sixty feet high. The bottom sale is forty feet wide at the bottom and thirty at the top. The second sail has two sails a 25 foot bottom and 15 foot top the top sail has a fifteen foot bottom and is ten at the top. All the sails are made of canvas. Higher the pale gray-blue sky daunts us dampening the spirits of all the men. My gaze falls upon the captian and admiral, Simon Oneil, who stands tall in his black and red suit silver pieces decorating his fluffy sleeves. He stares at the ocean through a brass telescope for what seems like an eternity, finally sighing and dropping the scope to his side hanging his head and returning to his quarters. My stomach growls at me a daily remind The only liquid available to washdown this fine dinner is a cup of ale from the old wooden keg held together by two rusty metal bands. I am so tired of the sea as are the rest of the men on the ship. I hate Oneil for bringing us out here on this ocean so far away from home from life. my heart gone, I hang my head in sorrow and go under to get some rest on a hard cot swaying with the rythmn of the vessel and the clammer from above to sing and rock me to sleep where I can try and make up for three sleepless nights.