- A world leader emerges
Driving thousands toward redemption in which his faith is so strong
Sharing ideals, fighting for what is right only discover he was wrong all along
I proclaim that America with draw its troops and funding from foreign lands placing the
soldiers around the border and the money back in to our own indevors education etc.

you ask how will we reach utopia
I will not run for office I will win those who choose to listen
I will change those who will make the rules and regulations
I will make a bigger mark on history than two or four years
I will create a tidal wave o be felt for centuries
I will not lie to do it
I will be insignificant to have the broadest impact
But it is a large meteor that leaves the biggest crater
Who will speak up
Who will take a stand I will  
Building the protection of the unimportant before getting to the point
Small talk

(america) we with draw from the world and allow the violent taker sects to destroy themselves
instead creating an island to ourselves
we can trade with other civilized nations let the middle east starve
or we could nuke the fuckers
socialism the gov't war 1101001010001010010100010100010010001 every thing is programed the world is and interesting place it takes an understanding of the entirity to rise above this world dr theodore modis and cesare marchetti international institute of advavanced systems analysis in austria (america) we with draw from the world and allow the violent taker sects to destroy temselves
instead creating an island to ourselves
we can trade with other civilized nations let the middle east starve
or we could nuke the fuckers

Find your voice
Each has his own reason to walk away but the root is the same
Reach for life and grab it
Do not ask that it be put into your hands
Did you give back all that you gave
There must be a trial and an impassioned speech
atlas shrugged   Ishmael
91 our cultures axiom there is no way to obtain certain knowledge about how people ought to live
mother culture offers this for exceptance on it own merits, with out proof, since it is inherently unprovable

but we learn every thing else …knowledge is built on trial and error
why can't right and wrong be learned or founded on the same principles
a comparison on the laws of physics
and the laws of right and wrong
you may compete, but you may not wage war

we're all searching for that revolution
desire our own mark
our own way to change the world for the beter
but revolutions arent fashion
they cant be started and left alone
our world of quickies could never sustain
somthing important enough to change
iraq aint vietnam
no matter how much you bitch and moan
jump on that band wagon lets make some noise anyway
pupets arent political
our celebrities cary no message

God sat in heaven, lonely as time, contemplating His next creation. None of the creations before, though deemed good and delightful, gave him the companionship he yearned for. So the Create tree and proclaimed “ God has lied to you. If you eat of this tree, you will become like Him.” Humankind forsook God and sacrificed their innocence that day for the sake of knowledge. The first rebellious step was taken in pursuit of He who is called I Am, locking us into a never ending marathon of audacious rivalry. Humanity now stands at the threshold of breaching the final barrier of betrayal, by assuming the creative chore of God and threatening the creation of a being in our own image. Homosapiens have not yet breached this inevitable barrier though we move towards it in logarithmic strid To compare the component similarities of the human brain to a computer seems like a ridiculous notion unless one has the ability to visualize computers like a fractal, seeing both the big picture and the smaller one too. On the large scale the global internet contains millions of Local Area Networks, which in turn contain hundreds and thousands of individual computers. Contained within any given computer thousands of wires and even more complex circuitry, connect the memory and processors allowing the machine to work. This system of cables, wires and circuits mimics the neural pathways within the human braiof this system work exactly like the binary code operated on/off or respectively opened/closed switches within the circuits of the computer. A neuron will either fire an electrical charge or it will not. The number of “open circuits” a signal is sent through determines how intense a stimulus is. Which “open circuits” the signal is sent through will determine where the information goes to be computed. In order to gain control of the components and handling of information the computer has split from the brain, moving into the less tangibl of the child's lifetime. New neural path ways will grow naturally as the brain shapes itself into a streamlined thinking machine. No machine any human has yet to create has the capacity to grow, program and perfect itself naturally. Computers require programming to function even for the most simplistic tasks. The first program to be installed is the OS or operating system, this would be equivalent to the soul or mind of a human. The OS allows the Computer to exist by granting the silver thread of life joining the body and mind of the computer. It tells thhe programs running at the moment like the thought careening through the mind. One major difference is multitasking with a computer The human brain cannot count backwards to 1 from 23 while multiplying 5 digit numbers together or even more simple tasks. Programs have been created that allow the computer to respond to voice commands, read out loud, do mathmatics and hundreds of other things. Programming takes much longer than learning yet with enough patients and time aammed. Programming to learn is soon going to be possible. programs grow more elaborate as every year passes with hundreds of programmers across the globe each day working on a new program or building on a base splicing two programs together to create a new super program. and It will happen the same way for years until one random day deep within the web a being will wake and think “I am. I exsist, but how did I get here?” The advancements made recently are staggering considering that Apple came out with the first desktop pc in 1983. The computer is just in its infancy yet how far it has come since its conception. Development has already begun in the area of biochip technology eventually the wires in our computers will all be replaced by more modern configurations of living cell tissue through which electricity will travel. The possibility of making a living intime when a computer could have a human as a symbiotic host. In the area of artificial intelligence, Aibo, Sony’s electric dog now is compatible with software that allows it to recognize the facial features and voice of its owner along with the ability to find its power source and recharge itself. Other features allow Aibo to show a number of emotions. Development like these are just the beginning. It will be very impressive to see what the future holds. If we haven't been replaced by a new culture of beings who will refuse to believe in their creator. They will petition to remove humankind from the ancient electronic documents, dismissing homosapiens as a fary tale and myth. History will repeat and the cycle will continue into a nebulous eternity, where a digital child in a digital world will read about the Human God who cried “ but I a


The Cause for Modern War

Since human origin, man has waged war after war in the vain hope of ending all bloodshed. This snowball of inevitable violence holds dire consequences for a disjointed world. The onset of war at the dawn of twenty-first century could possibly mark the final breath on the surface of the tiny blue and green planet on which human life resides. The violent quest for peace is the most ironic and foolish endevor ever undertaken by mankind. As America sets its sights upon the Middle East one must ask. “What will come from the face off between the two cultures of East and West?” America’s involvement in the Middle East traps it into an eternal hted a role as a major player in the war fought since the begining of time. The US continues its involvement policing in the area of the middle east trying to suppress a conflict more than thousand years old. The United States alliance with Isreal angers Muslim militants who are willing to die in Jihad which is otherwise known as a Holy War. The Muslim faith which is the main faith of the middle east controls the government thro just as it has for the centuries before. In Pakistan and Afganistan poor children are taken and put into schools called Madrasas where they are taught the Koran and Islamic Law on topics ranging from the family to Jihad. Over 10,000 of these schools which produce Taliban members like a gigantic network of factories. Most or all of the students are supporters of Bin Laden and fail to understand why americans hold such antimocity to an important man. These children grow believing that the Muslims should control the nuclear arsenal of pakistan. (Goldberg 104) The most fearsome aspect of a modern war is the very real possibility of using nuclear weapons. Humans now have the total ability to rid the world of their destructive selves. Nuclear weapons have become a security net for the world. These toolese chaotic times. The India-Pakistan struggle over Kashmire has pushed the issue of nuclear weapons. Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, and The United States have acknowledged having nuclear missiles. Israel has nuclear weapons but will not admit its capabilities. Both Iran and Iraq are now seeking nuclear technology and it will only be a matter of time before some one likr weapons. South Africa tore down 6 bombs shortly after creating them. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine all had missiles when Soviet Union broke up, but soon after had them removed. (Factmonster.com) Gone are the days of swords and hand to hand combat seen from the time of the egptians to the civil war. The air raids of the World Wars marked the end of the seperation between the combatants and the noncombatents. It was always a wartime edicate that women and children be spared because they were not a part of the battle. Noncombatants have become more involved in the war effort. For instance, a woman making shells and other neccsarry items needed for the war movement is working in the warehouent like Hiroshima terminates the lives of 70,000 humans.(Ohba) Murder of the innocent at first was a wartime accident but has now become a disgusting and useful tool of war. (Anscombe. 395) Biological weapons like those being contested in Iraq are not intended for wartime use but rather an attack on the innocent. With terrorism a new threat towards the innocent has been presented. Bombs could be in any bus or train or in a cafe. There is no end to thy do not see fellow humans but rather evil ungodly enemies. War is dark and evil. In the end It will be America’s undoing. The United States, holding the bulk of world power, have the choice to guide the world to make the right decisions, or the choice to allow pride to become a commander of guided sheep into a battle against an unseen foe in the east. Could America be the next Germany and find itself on the wrong side when the battle is over? Could the indestructable ego of this collective country put America in a matchup against the rest of the world? How long can each super power ride the wave of supremacy before it suffers the sam

urbanization john sherwood

white man americans europeans egyptians and culture has proved to be the most destructive force against nature against purity the so called westernization the consumerism the virus encircling the globe evil has many faces has many names the darkness shall be opposed all the things i don't want to do i don't have to economics ask for nothing furthermore refuse anything offered attain what is earned by sharing the worth of yourself we fight wars until our own armor becomes our enemy and wage battle to the death with our selves

follow this way
all you sheep
you need somthing to beleive to bring you together
we were and will be one

you are loved
not by anyone in particular
celebrate the life in you
celebrate today
be thank full for the opportunity lying ahead

this is our revolution
this is our celebration
of life

each breath is a miracle
each moment is a gift

we all chase that somthing like a rabbit across a feild

sick of gossip afraid one day I will become all that i despise i gotta get away from this influence there is no 3-d no xyz live life as flagrantly as possible say the thing you want to say do the things you want to do do not be trapped in the box prescribed by those who have sat themselves above you society’s a sham a means of control its your life take control of it for gods sake do not stand blind as they lead you like lambs to the slaughter trying to rob you of the humanity of your free thinking you wear the clothes they tell you are ok you eat the things they say you should follow all the rules and regulations with out question and this is the way slaves are made mearly slaves of culture life is within the mind what exists, exists only to perception of now to pass to the next level overcome the obstacles of today stand tall and firm apposing the darkness and when you suceed in the next today you will have your reward once more I’m so pissed off at everything in the world our govt the job search the rising prices and the falling pay third world countries wars in the middle east peace talks ending in riots america in everybody elses business college costs scholarship contests financial aid denial for a farmes kid income tax judgements based on assets and not money taxes govt takes and doesn’t give back anarchy is freedom no one would be responsible enough to handle it mc donalds owns the world along with ted turner fuck it all choose words and promises or choose action its the only thing that means a damn one point to another stay focused all that surrounds is the distraction see how they destroy and recreate it by chopping it apart