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the computational nature of sound Gary William Flake

digital signal processing and the estimation theory --- Alan S. Willsky
book steven machvonavich freeplay merce cunningham digital harmony john whitney


in electric panorama collection various artists 10+2 12 american text sound peices PIerre Henry - studio Apsome - works with shaeffer
Apocolypse de jean Phi
homme seul (1949-88)-Erotica
statagies against archetecture-silence is sexy
Hugh LeCain - Dripsody
Steve Reich - its gonna rain; come out
ianis xenakis - concret p-H II; bohor I; Orient-Occident III
john Cage -williams mix
keneth gaburo -Exit Music II: Fat millies lament
vladimir ussachevesky - a peice for tape recorder; sonic contours;Of wood and Brass
tod dockstader - luna park; stark
otto luening - Low speed
luening and ussachevesky - incantation
wlodzimiez Kotonski - Microstructures
Fracois Bayle - les couleursde la nuit;L'Oiseau-chanteur Can; Solitude luciano Berio Thema;visage lars-gunnar bodin - vietnam sver luc Ferrari presque rien no.1; promenade symphonique a traversun paysagemusical/ Algiers The Frog peak collaborations project frog steve reich pendulum music claping music and mariba phase philip glass 1+1 bob beckers clave pairings alvin lucier's I am sitting in a room Fredric Rzewskis les mouton des Panurge Ilhan Mimaroglu - bowery bum finnadar bernard parmegiani - Danse Can;pour en finir avecle pouvoir d'Orphee Krzyszrof Penderecki - Psalmus Michel Redolfi - Desert Tracks Toru Takemitsu - vocalism Ai; water music


jean michel jarre
rolan kayn
david tudor


the illuminate
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