...and once upon a time she took a journey to a castle where she was invited to sleep on a bed several mattresses thick.  
Many others had also slept on the bed but none until this princess had any trouble falling asleep.  
She went to the queen explaining that there was something that "was just not right" and the queen smiled saying 
“you are true for I made a test to find a true princess to marry my son, but the others were frauds.
they could not feel the one small pea and only a true princess such as thee would be spoiled rotten enough to be bothered by such a minute discomfort". 
To which the Princess responded “What the Fuck are you talking about you crazy old bitch?  I was lying in bed thinking about how fucked up you royal people are. So I've decided to live out my life without marrying your son, who by the way is a complete asshole and a pathetic loser in bed."
The queen, shocked, said nothing she just stared at the princess dumfounded as the angelic young lass walked out the door with a fire in her step and a twinkle in her eye and she returned to her true lover a gypsy and they traveled the world only needing and desiring each other, for this is the way of love.
good day

she had begun hanging out with a group of girls 
they were led by a man a dark man who cared for nothing and no one
angela fell in to this trap she was innocent before,  
though she was with me I could not stop her from going out that night
I followed her to the bar where her and the girls drank their world awa
then he chose her 
he took her high into the hills and began to take advantage of her
in his beat up honda
then he deserted her and i find her
I ask what she has done 
she breaks down and cries  
i want to cry with her

 there was the fat girl in a blue shirt singing calling out from the stage about her slain lovers murder and  claiming that  it was the angel, my fallen angel that had done it
I stood up with her screaming and denying it 
it had been the girls the used her as a patsy but no one planned on me
i explained this to the fat girl though she was reluctant to believe I finally convince her
the police become involved

the glycerine ran down the floor
beneeth my feet I looked back to see a match lit
and  dropped catching the theater ablaze
with puddles of flame

in the theater tring to evacuate it 
no one in the first few rows would move 
though I yelled at them they just stared at the screen like maniquins
they said calmly “You are strange” as the fire  licked at their pant legs

being pushed down in full gear it was the joke just trying to be a friend
the rivalries were the humor 

We lived on  b2 the last of the second tier of twelve moons of music
7 of these moons were given major importance 
the intervals a giant train system ran on the half steps 
the intervals had to be taken to get from one key moon to another 
it ran on two majjor lines 
the maj
and the perfect line stoppin at intervals of 1458

in hawaiii
near our house by the bay I lived with a group of guys looking down our street you could see the ships and yachts floating serenly on the water.   it was a nice brick house payed for by our joint incomes as waiters by day and  me a musician by night
it was daytime friday after noon
we sat in our lawn chairs in the front lawn starring towards the gravel street and talking about nothing
when she came walking by walking her white dog it looked like ghost
I began playing with it when it came near
wrestling around until it covered me with mud in the flower garden
she laughed and asked us if we wanted to go to the club for the night
I said I was playing down at the jazz club
she agreed to come hear me play

we were out at the club that i was playing at
the earth quake begins followed by the volcano
we were in the park  she grabed my hand and beckoned for me to follow
lava flowing after us chasing through streetslike water on a diarama
we run to her fathers  house surrounded by a huge stone wall 
i push her up to get over the 12 foot fence then climb a tree on the outside of the fence
lava has found us I make a leap from the tree to the wall grab the top and pull myself over

The world was flooding. Kyra was with child, so was Charlene who had blown up Looking very pregnant she said call the pope, implying that she was giving the baby  away as the apocalypse neared; I went to the video store and  got movies and ecstasy
people Instant messaged  chad  wanting to get it. we stashed it in the basement for some reason, as if it wouldn’t be the first place to go 


World war 3 seemed to close in on us like a storm. nuclear and biological weapon inspections never seemed to bring the desired results.
the world, stuck in an unstated standoff, required only the slightest rousing to wake the beast which was determined to destroy the world. 
All inhabitants of the world however swallowed their sense of impending doom. Going about their lives as usual in the same way. 
With no sense of urgency and no change of plans they keep going on as if each were indestructible.  

we were in a store there were a lot of shelves all around 
it was the aftermath of a sale
it was all gear and trinkets autographed by celebrities
there was a wall full of glass cups blue and clear
everything was blue and clear
we couldn’t find what we were looking for 
the sales clerk thought we wanted 
somthing with an autogragh but we were looking for something so much more important
after a while we were taken back to a room with a computer
he typed for a while and up on the screencame a little circle he asked me to look into the circle which I did numbers flickered in the center just one at a time and I tried to steady them with my eye they began to stop moving and my eyes opend to reality i was still in bed
I met Jonathan at 7:00.
I was his choice that night.
I don't know why he picked me but together we headed over to Tanisha's party.
When everyone went out side for a cigarette break I ended up going back inside with Aaron.
Every one was having a great time drinking talking loudly enjoying the company.
I was new to the group and didn't really know any one.
I had only just met Aaron and Jonathan.
Every one went late into the night the music grew louder and louder and the shouting did the same.
People paired off as they always do at parties When Aarron left I went with him we spent the night together.
We had that last go round and a cigarette before bed, then dark.
The morning came at 1:00 in the after noon with a phone call from some of Aarons friends.
After a cigarette and shower Aarron brought me along we ended up over at this guy Peter's house they loaded a bowl, I lit it.
Two guys showed up later, one was Mark the other I forgot his name.
The other guy was really good friends with Peter.
Mark was visiting this un-named guy he had come down for the weekend.
After he kidnapped me I found out he was returning that night.
I had been in a dark place for a long time when Mark pulled me out finally.
We were alone. I ended up sitting in the seat beside him.
the wind blew in though the open window whistling and growling as he slowly puffed a ciggarette letting the smoke be sucked out.
Some times he looked at me with a face and eyes that seemed to say" i know i have taken you and no one can do anything about it".
He used me over and over and over again day after day
always cramming me back into the darkness or tossing me casually to the side when he had had his service performed.
I didn't know where I was when I got away except that it was a Fina station in a small town.
After Mark drove off I was picked up by a younger guy in a cowboy hat and tight jeans.
He brought me along with him to this party out in the country.
I was his pride at the party he showed me off to everyone there, "hey, check out what I found"he would say. "sure is purty another would respond".
They spent the evening sitting around the card table smoking cigarettes and playing poker and some drinking games.
The air was rich with tobacco. The night never seemed to end when it did most had past out in various places all around the small farm house.
In the morning I was alone still at the table, the cowboy was gone.
when the owner of the house began to clean she looked at me in a peculiar way and said "where did you come from?"
I wished I could talk to respond or communicate my plight in some other way.
She was an angel, from that moment on I never wanted to leave her even though I was silent.
she took me to her room and layed me on her bed and smiled at me a little sheepishly and went back into the living room.
It was several hours before she returned. She slipped out of her clothes her hair falling around her shoulders.
She didn't even seem to notice me.
She focused more on her own naked reflection in the mirror tracing the contours of her body with her hands.
she smiled and turned on the shower waiting for the water to warm.
When she was done she dried off and slipped into heart print panties and into a short black dress.
Then she turned to me on her bed as though she knew that I was there all the time then took me in her hands leading me to her white 1996 Camero.
The rev of the engine was echoed by the radio blasting "Forgot About Dre". She rapped along to the 2001 album all the way into town.
She met him at a park with a big wooden playground.
The arrangement of the meeting seemed secret they hugged each other and she got me and a pack of cigarettes out of her car.
she offered one to him I lit hers and handed me over to him who in turn used me to light his.
She never noticed when he slipped me into his pocket.
I've been with him for two years now I even made the long journey from Texas to California.
He doesn't smoke often and never uses me i don't know if he holds on for sentimental reasons or for lack of caring.
Every once in a while the loner pulles me out of the drawer and takes me out to a party or uses me to spark up a bowl.
For the most part I live in an equipment rack and rarly see the light of day.
I've come along way from that convenience store in Jasper Oklahoma,
I don't know much about my own birth a random factory in a random town where they put me in a random box and shipped me off into a random life.

at the corner there was somthing new it was a studio junkyard semis andother props lay piled around we went for a walk on the other side we ended up out near residential area that lloked like that which is around ucla
when we walked across the street acop pulled around and turned on his lights
dad joked around like he does with everyonejust being his normal friendly self i knew better
he got out and started questioning me and dad
i thought they are going to think he is drunk
and then we had alchohol which dad began to consume blatently in fron of the two officers who were asking uss what we were doing comming out of the studio which at this point was begginning to look like a park dad proceded taking beer shots sby placing the shot glasss sin his smouth aflipping it up with his toung s
me and chad who magically apppeared took the beer away from him
chad suddenly broke out with a guitar and began playing love song by tesla the chorded version
in mid verse the officer aske him his social security he kept playing
i started to give him mine and asked what are you maikin a mis mash of us, i dobn't know his social only mine
then out loud i said 449 and woke up.

as the end drew near we watched the sun burn out into a halo and turning the middle of the sky into a most spectacular pink and orange soup
i turned and said in eight minutes everything would be pitch black

his eyes shot open fear had overtaken him.