Relec: breath like waking from a nightmare
what is this is? Che cosa e questo? is anyone there? E la? Am I dreaming? Am i dead? Sto sognando?
just a soul
lost and alone
in a place unknown
suspended in the shapless shadow of death
afraid of what the darkness holds
can't move on or let go
of the life so bright thats now taken away
and I try to recall what brought me into this void
holding my soul
cause it seems an infinite oblivian
All the scenes from the lucid dream of life have passed me by
a forced disconnection from a world in which I no longer have a role to play

impending sense of doom
from deep within,
a wicked whisper winding its way into my soul,
I close my eyes and still it looms
there is no escape from it
this beast tormenting me with guilt fear dispair and pain and shame,
this rage and hate this lust and greed , this last deciet of narcisistic nature
I'm fighting back to break away
it drags me down to drown me out
don't take me under to suffocate,
quit telling me thereÕs no escape, no escape
knowing now ,
this journey has run its course
and from one place to another life took form
and quickly whithered
like a rose in autumn
now the fluidity of movement through memory
shares the continuity with an interupted dream
fading with each passing moment
and as the final glimmer flashes within my mind
the ghost of memory contrasting faintly against a sea of black,
rises like a mist and begans to disjoin
and to slowly slink away
this precious last shard of human life takes my hands
and we ascend
not yet
not now
can't let go
though its surroun
reassuring me there's
so much more than this
and its not the end
so loosen up this grip
and slip away into the place that's
pulling thought and memory like gravity,
overwhelming me
so much strength
against the human deep inside
telling me to run and hide
telling me to fight and stay alive
I close my eyes
hang on tight
prepare to greet eternity,
and see if its any thing like the world
told me the end would be
I can't be afraid,
no don't be afraid
so i won't be afraid
shouldn't be afraid
oh God I'm so afraid


the silver thread snaps
unvieling earths nebulous antithetic plane
the dancing vibrant mass of mist a multitude of manes
emenate from Gaia twisting and spinning
painting the etheral canvas
a polychromasia of luminescence
all the colors beyond the rainbow in juxtaposition fill the sky
cycles of metamorphisis
dialate and dwinddle intermittently
bringing carity to images the mind of man cannot concieve or describe
like the fractals upon the turbulent surface
of a relm of a billion galaxys interwined to form one solid blanket of beauty
like fire on water circling outward in ripples of infinity
like a precious and beautiful thunder cloud stretching as far as new eyes can see
and encompassing a fading globe

souls on parade
begin their dance
enticing me
calling me to join this spectacle before me

'venga unire la nostra parata a cielo
venuto all'interno
viva come luce
venga alla sporenza,
faccia un passo fuori ed impari

that I have finally arrived
i draw closer to the
once mortal beings
to learn what they know
to feel what they feel
now more than ever convinced to give myself away

here in this place
deep within the self
which the world
has never seen
Where all perfections of life never even dreamed
are possible
if only imagined and accepted
by believing I'm perceiving out side
a reflection of what is inside
so in essence existence
does not exist.
this cell and these walls
created by my own will
with loneliness,
handiwork of my own cold, self loving, and selfish heart
must now depart
Take over me. Take over me. then set me free
a brilliant light surounds taking over
so close to white but containing every hue
a sparkling radience
like I have never seen
i surrender all my strength
giving my all to the moment
locked in the purest release
the lightest and most loving embrace
more euphoric than any drug or lover
become so weak like an infant
once again it returns
ah that child like Innocence
and unjaded faith
and enough imagination
to create the surrounding world
its been so long since I felt this way
I had forgoten it
I begin diminishing to nothing as
I become a part of the light
here inside this infinite beauty
one with God
conected tapped in
saturated with all that is
senses give way
convinced this ideal perfection
is only a glimpse of all it has to offer
how could words describe
God is more than we ever imagined
i've come so far
though the deepest darkness into the light
but still within the dark closes in
making this peace seem like
the calm before the st
the peril revealed is too much for me to defeat
I can not fight this war
i have not the strength
but what Is wonÕt let me slip away
instead He takes my place
in the void fading in and out of shadow
lines are drawn
distingushing disociation between the gray
all grows black and white
as two columns form
winding together bottom to top
spiralling upwards
like dueling snakes
mighty clash between heaven and hell
waged within begins
in the in the end
there can be only one victor
of this divided soul
one side must go
none cannot destroy the darkness
only let it go


through multiple options you just found light
in total vi
after we rise
life is now about to take flight
sins destroyed
from out of the you as there is no longer war with in your self
lead a journey towards the next step
i see you know now its time to ecsept you get what you get
and then now put you consious inside out around and through it with the knowlede you have...

is there a shape, a body for the journey that lies ahead?
do I continue to be me with no memory?
I break free from all these doubts, fears,and misery...

now take the burnt ashes bent and crumbled in the physical
that causes the limits with in the literal
thats lost in my stensils of cookie cut poly-rythmical chaos
retreive a breathe of fresh scent from the bitter spices that keep us all above the subtle levels of now
and eternaly shake us...

a new door opens
to a thousand paths
only one to choose
to take me to the next fork down the road
I know theres a thousand more
diverging like the branches of a tree
ever outward ever onward into infinity

the road layed out in front of me
i wonder if I'll ever be
the way i was when i was young
so calm and sure and understood
the dreams i had all turned out sad
and in the end it comes back again
so take my hand and lead me down
into a love thats all around
this every day same had taken away my will to survive
but I will try
just one more time to radiate
in the every day same

*"Aww geeze",
you just came from beyond the darkness strictly to move on
stay on to grow on
the shackles of course have left you
its self is victory
continue on without a recolection of who you are
self correction is no longer a worry untill you see the eye end
and your side arm expands
widen to around a panoramic directors cut
a scene so focused between two points
each scene is sure
but only one is the future unclear
tears of fear no longer exsist
forever is now and ever onward
beauty has never felt so good
its full and belts together as if you were earthed
reason is birth
seasons uncursed
pure enough and it hurts
not even curious any more
cause from here on what happens happens
nothing could dampen the grip you've clamped
so enough of having cause ive had it...
The sacrifices are already made to move on
to what is ahead.
life provides another step, another story
with the connection now severed
forcing this segment of growth
into becoming its own.
A piece of art that will never be
what the next will be.
funny how the artist is doomed to failure
but in the attempt to exactly portray the scream within
success is attained
Though nothing ever means all it is meant to mean
peices added to the vague snapshots of ourselves
from the perception of another mind
allows the bird of art to take flight
shedding over time new meaning
to intentions of a newly past life
small reincarnations through passing moments
Compose a record of how we grow
moving on, evolving , becoming new
I am driven more than ever to give it all.
but its no longer me
itÕs somthing so pure deep inside
I once forgot i had
I'm experiencing a never ending dream becoming reality
For some reason I thought
all questions would be answered
but instead they seem to multiply.
what is the final goal? what does the future hold?
i still donÕt know
but when my eyes open
IÕll be staring over a bow
across the ocean of Sancia-Estheras
Enthralled by a journey in seed
like a ribbon in front of me
one ending becoming a new beginning
IÕll be moving on to place beyond
With eyes set upon a distant shore
It is now time to fullfill every potiential.
no turning back no backward glance