the angels cried

look at me now I'm so lost i'm not living I'm not here at all
where do I go from here
when I can't help but to fall
its such a targic memory
how you were ripped away from me
and now I know I loved you
because I lost you when you were all I'd ever need

i look back and I see you so perfectly
through clouded memories
you'd smile and close your eyes
but not know why i'd only sing these things
and for the first time
everything was right just
until that night
the last night of my life
when the world left me dead inside

the night you died
the angels cried
I watched their tears
fall from the sky
and I can't hide these tear soaked eyes
I should have been there by your side
that night
when the angels cried

i should have known love would never last forever
this life is so unkind
I wish you would
i wish you could come back to kiss me one last time
I don't know how or why to even try to move on with out you
I never got the time to say good bye or proove my love was true

now I stand alone beside a stone
that marks the place
where your body lays
and I place a rose
on the ground above your heart
and i fall apart
now I know that they are there
and the angels care
every time it rains ouside
but I still die
everytime the angels cry
and it rains outside