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Unicorn - described as an animal of great ferocity and strength and untamable
A mythical animal resembling a small horse but with one long, straight horn growing out of its forehead.
Often it was described as having the legs of a deer and the tail of a lion.
A fabled creature symbolic of virginity and usually represented as a horse with a single straight spiraled horn projecting from its forehead.
Middle English unicorne, from Old French, from Late Latin unicornis, from Latin, having one horn : unus, one + corn, horn.

A unicorn within a dream often serves as a symbol of enlightenment or connection with spirit, Fantasizing or using your imagination - Thinking outside the box

You can be found in the sky in the constellation Monoceros.

Fortunate is the hand that holds yours
says one who longs for nothing else but to be the held hand
of all creatures
you are the most exquisite
whisked away into the arms of some prince charming
much to the dismay of the on looking world
the treasure of you in the ownership of one
a unicorn held captive by another
who could take all that i dreamed of
all that i held sacred
one who could do what i could not
jealousy takes me
envy is not green
envy is black
and the flower withers within
and the souls final light flickers one last time and fades away
the only one
the sunshine
my everything
a representation of purity
a goddess divine
my reason to be true
the reason i did not fall

dreams stay dreams
and the lonely stay lonely

I am lost with out the one last thread of hope
that you might understand
what i was trying not to

now nothing is my dream
it was vain hope any way
I always knew
but tried not to

i curl up like a child
with my back towards every notion of right in the universe
a little sad but kind of happy
its destiny
you know
the way it worked out
exactly like i planned it
the way i built a pocket of pain
and let you slip away
through hands that never wanted you to see them
hands behind scenes
pulling strings
and a mind aware of everything
but unwilling to expose myself
yet all too willing to expose the love that lurked just beneath the surface
thats how i loved you
in my mind, in words
i'll concede
it's a little creepy
but then again you don't know me
no one really understands though
of the few that know
its not that i desire to possess you
to hold you in my arms
but i did partake of you
my inspiration
my muse
so thank you
for being so cooperative
in your unknowing way
its time though, that i left you alone
that i finish this chapter
and move past
was it fun for you too
i hope you weren't frightened
I hope you enjoyed my game
do you know my name
i hope you do
i hope you don't
unicorns run free
and flowers should never be picked

i loved loving you,
...last night I dreamed a unicorn
and that unicorn was you
the last of free creatures
a rare vision I swear
I followed it into the darkness
of a forest
it saw me as you saw me
and scampered away
I follow
it flees
until it disappears completely
the night closes in
and darkness surrounds

Time passes by
apple of my eye
minutes turn to hours
hours into days
days into nights into weeks
and yet every thought is flavored with you
my unicorn
I'm tormented by you
Captured by the first sight of you
One cannot find unicorns nor escape them

until there was you
lonliness was never mine
now she seeks me all the time

a cool breeze blows today
while by my tree I wait
where could you be
but here with me
i am here with you
though you are not
and when you arrive you see me
i smile and wave but words cannot be found
still waiting for the right situation
still waiting for an awkwardness to go away

I pray that you will be around every corner I take
I know I've wasted hours
wondering searching for you
just for one glimpse
I never think of the things
I will never say
funny when I do see you
everything stops
shocked like something out of a dream
like the reality of you
scares me though the unicorn of you I chase
you are there and
all I can manage is a hello

how could I say more than hello
I want to talk of everything
about your life and dreams

don't hide away from me
don't be afraid of me

I wait under your balcony
chirping like a bird
singing songs for you

someone has taken
someone has taken my heart
the heart you stole you can keep I wouldn't have given it to anyone else

Would you believe that I love you
that I've loved you all along
since I first set my eyes upon you
it seems so foolish to fall so hard so fast
into a person I've never met
one I only wish I could talk to
it really is silly
I don't even know you at all

I marvel at the beauty of creation all around me
the beauty of a flower

Why do so many make gifts of flowers
if you take a flower without roots it will die
the trick is to admire
and walk away
for the road is long
and along it I must traverse
filled with a trouveres song in honor of you
I miss you
cycling hope and disappointment
Should I turn around to see if you followed
I know better
you never saw me
you often saw me
we are so far apart
sad, most of your life you are less than 20 feet away
you are the one i dreamed of
when i was lost
when i was found
look at me
loving a unicorn
while the real world passes by

I could never capture you
I could never tame you
I could chase you forever
so keep the heart you have stolen
I wouldn't have given it to anyone else

How can I make this not weird?
How can i seem sane?
How can i not come across as cheesy?

When i first saw you I was struck by your beauty. But something set you apart. Something was different.
You represent something pure to me, something that shines on me and makes me see my self and challenges me to be better in all things.
You spawn growth and inspiration that I might rise to be worthy and interrupt the flow of your vision.

I have hidden from you behind words and secret messages.
I fear that you know and are afraid of me in a way that is so hard to describe.
I want you to know who I am. I no longer wish to be a stranger.
The pathways I have chosen to try and meet you have been so much more ridiculous than walking across the hall, sitting down and saying hello.
I still get dumbstruck when i see you.
I look and scamper away like a rabbit
but I see your eyes if only for an instant
seeing me
and i wonder if you wish that I would say hello
as much as I wish you would

i feel like i am in this cage
waiting to hear the sound of you knocking.
do you understand me at all?