search to find self = imperitive...

one ripple
a web of relations
billions cover our tiny blue and green orb,
Day Nine, October, 1981
Plainview Texas

a quarter back
bright lights
a homecoming football game
Down, set, hut, hut...

heart beat and cry
when they stop it will be another homecoming

exceptional jungle existance life is

John and Carolyn Ross named me

Kyle Blanton Ross

Kyle was my mother's father's middle name and Blanton was my father's father's middle name.
i was to be the middle child in my family
My sister Ashley was there to welcome me into this world.
she was eight
My brother Chad came along later.
when we were young
our sister was a second mother

teacher mother
farmer father
i love you

air and dirt

the plains, a simple country life, small town school

the place i never fit.
who i am