: an interactive music program in which the player can move into different rooms and hear different music and sound map the path through the party

alpha variable is the person traveling
floor plans of house
layout of furniture
and head is turned
set up the matrix
set to the music

objective: get to the house and participate in the party

The dream of the house has reccured, out in the woods, big and modern very square.
our lives all circulating within

all the way there i had a tingly feeling that i was being robbed
some impendinding doom hangin over head

the walk arround the corner
palm trees over the side walk
sit in non enjoyment
play pool settle in
find voice

we parked the car and began to follow the glowing ribbons tied around trees deeper and deeper into the forest we went on foot into the blackness

we came upon a clearing surrounded by the dense trees.
the outside of the house was well lit and it was surrounded by the type of landscape you would think belonged to royalty in the 1800s.
maze hedgerows meets a zen Garden complete with water fountains and a collection of statues from many eras.
people wondered around the out doors

there was a large party we were all out doors tiki torches surrounding the cut out acrage in the middle of the woods
the house was big and modern very square with huge windows from which light poured onto the patios
it seem like our lives are all circulating within this house

the walk through
fast paced rap music
pulsing throughout the house
separate conversations
eyes drifting to beautiful plastic girls
dancing provocatively
the voices all around
bombarding me from various angles
escape to an open quiet place
to the peaceful meditative sound
of crickets chirping out side
walking away
leaving behind human kind
noticing the shape of trees
such a contrasting world
within 20 feet
I can tell by my ears
where I am
where I am


the forest inside
we travel for eight days and come to a clearing a great wide open plain animals run wild and free it is a land of past so murged with future ...


walking through the garden
a strong british voice says firmly but not meanly
I think the facade of tolerance is humorous.
its not a tolerance for all but a tolerance for similar personal beliefs with utter disreguard for an aposing view
the sickness screams you donÕt know what you are talking about you are so intolerant
tolerance is rediculous no one is tolerant of everything
all are tolerant only of the things they choose
yet still we try to make each feel bad for their beliefs
for the choices they have made
if they disagree with ours
an expression of opinion without another asking
defending atheism as ferociously as any religious zealot
preaching tolerance but intolerant of a different view which they claim is intolerant"

says a turtle standing with a megaphone and a sign that says go away
the recipiant of this rant turns slowly to look at the turtle
still computing what he himself has just said the turtle hums and then sings sheepishly
back inside my shell
to spare myself this foolishness
to hold on to pride

objective: get to the house and participate in the party and find the library


a week end reminder of why I hate my childish ways
drunk and fallen my head in a fan
fuck up my way of looking
as they lie about you
for all they care
see so in depth with what they show
what is it
the unknown
what is in the self
written so many times
rythmn and harmony
vocals please remember the way
I drag myself down in circles like fractals

you find yourself in the party its the sunburst
you see that you don't fit with these people you see

click the pic for
Audio and picture
I always find myself and god on a cigarette box

interaction with people will be a harder variable will work off of a harder system of same type

The ball room

the party rises
out of the night
worshipping heros of distraction
subverting eyes with all around

the music inside is different
they're playin jazz down by a beautiful pond

people and things become more intense as you get closer to everything golf course world

you begin to hate yourself and all that around you

the judgement passed upon those around me only cursed myself
i'm tired of all these people
there loudness their intrest in the temporary
their ability to be swept away
in the never ending conversation of nothing

i only wanted to be in a place where those surrounding me
cared as much about what i thought was important as me
as though i was the only one who knew a way

out on the wooden deck out back
carribean afro world music played by live musicians
with a choral section
and vocal rythmns
(string of lights tiki torches and a big grassy yard people stand around drinking the party is in full swing
one guy says to me
you wanna see a rad party you should check out the nacional club to go to in LA

i see a fickle world dancing
and me I canÕt explain
(a celebration)

find the way
find the book


the library


escape to just be
but you have to never be seen
sneaking away
hiding all day
and night

don't be afraid to learn i kept saying to myself
he is the captain of all this injustice the commander of the wrong

these books are all filled with the dreams and fears of mankind

we are still the same as we always were the action has changed but we still want to see the good guy get his kiss as reward for all his troubles at the end

Yopu wandering through the library his hands running along the spines of un marked books
who is this guy he mutters to himself

don't be afraid to learn i kept saying to myself
the old man told me

sometimes people let the wrong things control them
yet, as they try to break free they are given right as a choice
the option to escape
the one they have been looking for all the time
the controversy here arises
to follow right or to follow wrong
those following wrong often find them selves out of place with in it
those in the right mind state are able to drift into their own idea of heaven
for the one who has right thinking and right actions
always has a place even alone

but to be alone is not heaven
the desire to be social and seen
what causes it
what makes us hold on to relationships that pull us down
it makes you question your pull on others
would you cause others to stumble

the unfortunate answer is even if you love them and you hope that they will see you and you can pull them out of the rut they are in
but in order to pull them out you get in and you are dropped into the path

true but the friends you accumulate inside this party will never fulfill you
they are never the ones that last
when the wine runs out
the music fades
they drift away

seek out those you admire you think
but be careful in this
good often comes with bad

all people have dual lives

strive to set yourself apart from the chaff
and then the journey will become your own
what you desire from them
is for them to see you
you desire for them to hear you
but if you are just another one of them these things will never happen

the role you seek to play is your own
a character was written for you long before your birth
some journeys can only be taken alone
those you wish to have alongside will only slow you down and pull you away from your destination
their interests are not your own

on this journey you meet others who will aid you along and even travel the road with you but when the time comes to part directions do not waste time meandering and stuck in their path which will only be a rut to you

some times its best to walk away
sometimes its best to say no
sometimes it is best to disappear

we walk AROUND THE library rows of books have no name written on the outside of them

he gives me the book within this book you can create a world you can make any thing that you want but there is great art in that skill imagination is there too and says the things you do in here inside of this world are yours you are free to show them to hide them to create it however you see fit it can be real or sureal i have a few suggestions though to help you along your way

the eyes of the bird view all that the evil one sees the bird has died a thousand times seperate the stories to put them back together
meet your characters create their psychology understand them

the book - found in a rich mans( the wise mans) library at the party one of millions of no name books lining hundreds of shelves, covered with thick leather Ōthe book says what you need it to say to find your wayĶ plays a vital role has a world with in the world on the out side Get to the journey within dreams/death knocked back starring at self in a mirror mirror shatters scattering into oblivion suspension in darkness Universal travel and the ethereal plains souls on parade the artistÕs art - with in it

the sub marine hatches down by the lake.

the glass windows the aquarium you look out into murky water and see fish and a city that once was but has been flooded and deserted
the long tunnel leading to what...

how was it designed?

A long time ago this was part of a small town by a river a man by the the name of Oliver Crimwell he had the dam built but before he hired many of the men in the town to build this under water observationary of the the ghost town
the flood
the house was on the mountan ridge long before the flooding it once looked own upon the city
just before they made the dam in the river and flooded the land. the rich owner of the house had what were once the streets of the town covered for some reason eighty feet below the surface of the water right through the center of the valley town/city

Natalia had shoulder length hair and was never caught without lipstick on.
she was tall slender and beautiful her family was rich but she never acted that way she lived a good life but never went over the top.
she would say extravagance was worthless but elegance is noble. She was a princess who would ride out with the soldiers.
she could hold up in a room of guys and not ruin a guys night out. she sat down beside me at the bar.
the told me that she had been fired from her job for leaving the alcohol out in the room.
she was upset and drunk i told her i was sorry and gave her a hug she held tightly and though we had hardly me she moved from a hug to a kiss.
when she pulled back we were in the master bedroom and the alcohol bottles were all out on the bar
she began to unbutton my...

this area is like the basement of the church
she stared at me through the glass division then looked towards the blond haired girl who gave some hand motions back.
as i passed by her i gave her a look as though she were crazy

my room was around the corner from the theater
its door way was a massive arch there was no door instead it was divided by curtains it was hollowed out like a cave
it was a large room

after the presentation

she stood in front of a floresent crossencased and red and set in a wall of black feathers

i looked at her she looked at the cross
I never have, you know? she said
never have what?
she began laughing
her black hair enthralled me
this before me was truely one of gods noble creatures
then she looked at me and said just kidding
the other girl walked in and said sharply what are you doing in here
beyond the last curtain
i said hello and retreated around the last curtain
the dim light gently lit the thin red fabric and the indian patterns that lay interlaced upon it
i looked for a place to have them sit
they followed me into my sanctum and the blond said "wow every thing is in circles"

i had a circular bed
placed back to the wall
around the edges were
studio equipment and computers and living space
painted tope

i asked if they wanted a chair but didn't listen for a reply.
just walked out and went in search of the two garden chairs that i had by the door way.
when i looked around the corner i saw that the theater was playing a movie i turned off the light
some one apologized to me
told them not to worry i just wanted to make the vieing experience better for them

when i returned to my sanctuary the dark haired girl was sitting on the bed
the blonde was wandering about looking at trinkets and art work i had scattered about
i looked at the mess and said i'm sorry i'm still moving in
i sat out the chairs and offered a drink...

a note to my self about where this is all going
find the book in the library and the journy begens
all I have written in sound track happens at the party but the party seems to be life up till now
got over my first lover messed around some
but i found an outsider of the party brought her in just in time to see her left behind in it
as I move on to a new party in a land across the desert
coaxing her to come through it
now I go
but IÕm leaving her there
thats the end of the beggining