One is writing the play, one is living the play, one is watching the play

There will always be those who participate ,
those who create
and those that watch from the seats
screaming entertain me, enterain

some play the role of good and some of evil

work out character parts
give the characters names, lives and emotions
Use different characters for intros change them around in song

they are all parts we choose to play
the trick is knowing them each so intimitly
so deeply you can improvise and play word games with each philosophy
that you can play the role unscripted unaided
the bum- the voice-the wise man

the hero the hero- no one is a hero all the heros are gone

the girl - ever changing but always so
the temptress-
the lover
the princess in her tower the damsel in distress caged innocent - the focus of admiration the love interest

the orphan

main - disosiative character the writer - the searcher
A wanderer carrying a book, a poet, singer, a
the doomed lover the artist - Relec - traveling with his spiral of words and pictures ever singing to himself the rock star
the dreamer

one character is god

a preacher-struggling with his faith
an old man
my lesson plan
A method of teaching myself
that old man in the mirror
Ky Hattam teacher
The activist who becomes a politician
Those running The Hotel

picture A guy sitting across from
a giant ball with a with a metallic surface
shots cut to him making faces in the reflection

there were all these other characters that he couldnŐt see or chose not to see
that I saw these were the banished characters
the gardeners, the girl chained to a tree by the shed
when the abuse happened to me i ran away

finally I realized that I was a character in this mans schitzophrenic world
all the characters are in one mans head
all the lives are lived intricatly together and entire world of people all in a crazy mans head in an institutional psych ward in a little white room
shot: a street like in new york filled with people at the moment when all there lives tie in together
they are all on the same street when something happens involving another group of people all coincidentaly in the same place at the same time
fractal shot pulling out ward and out ward through the universeto the black pupil of crazy mans eye
do it again at the end pull through to a mirror and one mans reflection in it at the end.
looking at a reflection would have to start this if the film ends this way
the characters show all of the people you have the opportunity to be the choices
the branches

and when I meet me we merge and come one step closer to the person I am to be

they are all working to create soundtrack