pre-Kindergarden was at Mrs Sams which just happened to be across the street from College Hill where i went to kindergarden through 4th grade. things got a little more difficult in fourth grade at least i stopped being a strait A student. I can't explain why that first b left a mark on me. The first is the sting and afterwards its just easier to be more apathetic. in the fifth grade they combined all the elementery schools into one and the whole town coninued a lakeside I was a nerd and making friends became harder and harder and then there was ash
i went to costa rica in the sixth grade Costa Rica-Eden Jurrasic Park was the biggest thing ever The geeky kid in love with dinosaurs costa rica science archeology a merging of the past and then coronado which just seemed to be worthless to me I remember dances and that girlfriend that you are always talking to on the phone. I remember homecomings complete with corsages and garters and tether ball. that was the first year of contact football. then estacado where my mother taught and then became the dean. i remember taking theater then there was high school.
South Plains College in Leveland and graduated with an associates degree in The Applied Science of Sound technology
I then Transfered To the California Institute of the Arts and joined the Music Technology Program the trip out to the coast must a business website be different from a personal website how dou you vary the amount of interest one can take from a surface view to infinite depth i have not reached yet