search to find self = imperitive...

"i could introduce the story in a thousand different ways
some how it seems that that would detract
but inevitably the curtain must come up"
the curtain is raised
(a wirey old man with a white moustache looks up and grins at the audience excitedly
he stands silently in front of a red curtain on a stage in a beautiful theater)
"it wouldn't be a story."
on with the show
and on the stage there sits a small television
on which the camera zooms
I **^^`~1^^^@^^#^^^
the screen goes completely black


confusion will be the main current for the first half
the heart of the story
woven throughout

the story is here!!!
all have part

create the illusion
for me
learning to learn
the world tunnel
we are meant to pass through a filter of some kind
intrest increasing
do the sounds decend in sweep
get the information you seek
from the world all around you
preaching it now
words come forth from where
the brain as an enemy
the brain as every thing
a thousand different levels of arms
going off in every random way

look out

art is where i come against a WALL in my own life
its my steady attempt to tear down that WALL or at least
make that WALL seem more beautiful

i can be the good influence
i can lead
but i am so small

gut instincts
inter locking
side parts
i want to build a thousand little robot monkeys that do my bidding

to be truely loving
to find our selves
we must
we must
we must

we must understand love
we must understand kindness
we must become servants

so here i am to serve to help

to be a person who ignores the world but only moves in a direction of good
this is about cleanliness
about healthyness
about working
about perfecting the self
about not critisising but rather setting an example which people will want to follow

soundscape the tuning of the world

in this dream I escape
far away from this world to a place that i dont know
to control my self
and let go of all that i hold
so intake and
breath out
every thing experienced


a mermaid left me there on a beach
in a world of eternal sunset
the white beaches where i arose that morning stretched on and on
this is the beach before the sea of sacred stars (sancia estheres)

{the coast is some kind oof purgatory waiting at the edge of the ocean}

sancia estheres

through outer space
we sail in our ship of souls

then i'm drowning
then i'm alone
in a vast emptiness
engulfing me
in cycles
in the confusion there was a space
a vacumm of a place inside
and resonating a song about a world thats not there

relec looks up to the sky
upon the ship in his mind he sees all of these things
stars and such

find the magic the magic the love
the sea into an ocean

the ship sats sail.
i miss my life
beauty the rain and then the storm

voices from miles away
inside your head
out of place in time
comes through like voices in the night on an am radio down the hall

and there was that one
who they found
to bring them dreams
a synthesized experience
technological idolotry
there is so much more possible

the whole world and universe
and place of understanding
is ...
the quest for the reason to be living
the quest for god
for happiness
what do i want out of life and why
it was a quest for knowlege
why am I here
searching for the meaning of life
searching for something magical searching for true love

play audio file new red car visual is paper cut out animation using construction paper
lyrical potential for opening song

a new red car
a friend

a new world paradise

the long road
strolling down a rich brown dirt road
to the sides of you there is a
grass of the greenest most filtered color
it seems to glow
as if it is almost autumn
wet but cold
and the yellow
is just starting to emerge
in the artificial world there is a character a go between based on the bom-muet-poet,
an intermediate beteen the world of the living and the world of the dead.
down the road he comes on a camo green carraige drawn by a mule. pots and pans clanging as the silly man rolls up wearing a flapped hat he plays silly minstrel songs

he told me
i once read -
"the road that lies before you now is not like any road you have ever walked before
and with a grin he adds, "and then some times its an awful lot like the road you been walkin"

CHARACTER scene Gaia
aftermath - the deserted Empty world ghost cities
long high way walk think to self
the caves
the ocean
the plain
the forest
the story of the first part of soundtrack all takes place at the party after wards there
find the way find the book
come full circle

Love- for angenue soft and flowing gentle, changing, falling apart, coming back together, lost
Change to

A search- looking for love then dreams,
dreams replace love, dreams manifest in music,
thinking of girl, more musical enfatuation,
drugs get worse, nothing seems to work, Questioning god,
torn in two, he does he doesnŐt, believe or question,
what is good and evil, what does it have to do with life and love,
life is so beautiful, so misjudged so tainted,
and a dark need to hold on to everything so tightly.

Evil - seductive, smoke, hard and heavy, insane etc.
darkness, fear, pain, anger,
Good - ever present, a steady beat, quiet or louder at times, refuses to interfere, fire works,

the battle
the hybridization of human and machine the next step of evolution The battle of good and evil waged within